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Automation solutions for material handling (mining)

Maintaining equipment and avoiding unplanned stoppages
  • Complete automation solutions for stacker reclaimers and belt conveyors
Value Proposition
  • For conveying, electricity costs can reach up to 40%
Differentiation Factors
Our solutions address the major stockpile challenges in the mine environment: 
  • Uncertainties
  • Large stockpiles
    - Can make grade targets more difficult since they introduce a time delay into the material-handling system
  • Regular maintenance and unexpected stoppages of stacking and reclaiming equipment 
  • Response Time
    - The ability to target grade depends on the ability to react appropriately to deviations from that target
  • Uncertainty in information about grade and tonnage
    - Accuracy of the information available
  • Maintenance cost reduction
    - Many of the improvements for heavy mine equipment come from predicting problems and preventing failures.
    - A good maintenance strategy consists of the right mix of reactive, preventive and predictive maintenance and the tools to make sure these strategies are followed.
    - Such as proper scheduling and allocation of available resources, close monitoring of work assignments and continuous review of key performance indicators to ensure timely and cost effective maintenance.
  • Smooth conveying operation
    - By definition a belt conveyor is designed for transport of solid materials in a constant mass flow rate
    - The reduction of variations in belt loading rate using our solutions can result in substantial gains in energy and reduction of maintenance costs.

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