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Activ Solar (Ukraine)

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in green energy solutions, and Activ Solar, leading company dedicated to silicon products and selective development of large-scale solar projects, have signed a supply contract for second phase of solar power plant in Ukraine.
The first photovoltaic power plant in Ukraine (Rodnikovoye Solar Park) is located in the Crimea peninsula, 20 km north-west from Simferopol city. The overall planned capacity is 7.5 MW built in 2 phases. Both phases are put into operation in August 2010 (phase one: 2.5 MW) and November 2010 (phase two: 5 MW).

Produced energy is fed directly to the medium voltage distribution network in order to cover part of Crimean consumers that still suffer from lack of electrical power.

Value Proposition
For Schneider Electric Ukraine this project was the first implementation both in green energy segment and of level 2 solution.
Renewable energy generation projects become profitable and attractive for investments due to strong government protection and laws passed to support green energy suppliers.

Advantages of the local presence of Schneider Electric in Ukraine that brought its knowledge of the local standards "Gost" and of the customs rules (our competitors are not or were not able to propose those services), and the know-how and the experience of PEC Power EMEAS in this field were the key factors of success.
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