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You have to design and deploy a solution that keeps utility bills low while meeting availability, density and scalability targets in the shortest possible time. In today's data centers, an integrated management system is needed to insure availability is met and efficiency is maximized on an on-going basis, plus measure and report on key performance metrics.
We deliver integrated data centre solutions that are business-wise and future-driven. Achieve higher reliability (99.9% - 99.999%) up to 60% faster and easier from concept to commissioning with more scalable and adaptable solutions that save 10-20% of initial CaPex costs throught rightsizing. Reduce data center physical infrastructure OpEx 30% over 10 years with our architecture.
  • United States - Guarantees 100% uptime with EcoStruxure. Schneider Electric Symmetra Megawatt UPS is over 95% efficient at half load.
  • New Zealand - High density 30kW rack with reduced energy consumption by a minimum of 35% thanks to EcoStruxure.
  • United States - Chico's data center was originally located in a set of retrofit offices in Fort Meyers, in South Florida, a hurricane-prone area, which was not an ideal option for them. Chico's planned ahead to move their data center to Winder, Georgia for future expa

Schneider Electric is the only global specialist providing EcoStruxure, an integrated system architecture unifying the management of building, security and power in the data centre.

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Build your Solution Online
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