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Electric Utilities

You must integrate Distributed Renewable Energies into your electrical network and follow the Smart Grid trend while responding to immediate demand. You are concerned about service continuity and supply security. You must manage more energy for more people, but reduce CapEx and OpEx. You want to run clean power, but your equipment is aging.
Schneider Electric's open-ended solutions make the grid more efficient, more flexible and more secure.
  • Improving service continuity while absorbing increasing demand and peak loads
  • Connecting and managing more green and volatile energy by up to 30%
  • Delivering better quality power while drastically reducing network losses
  • Operating the grid safely and securely
  • Delivering greater visibility and decision-making tools at entreprise level allowing to improve CAPEX and OPEX

  • France - Solairedirect, one of the leading independent power producers in Photovoltaic Solar in France will run its 4.2 MW plant in Vinon-sur-Verdon to supply more than 2000 homes with a complete Schneider Electric solution
  • India - NDPL Utility, recognized as a reference, a technical and an opinion leader in India serves 1,000,000 customers in India. Schneider Electric feeder automation solutions provided efficient fa...

Schneider Electric solutions for Electric Utilites will help you to integrate your project into the SmartGrid.
In Power generation, Transmission, Distribution and Supply, our solutions allow you to increase service continuity and supply security but reduce CapEx and OpEx.

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