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Due the increase on mobility demands transportation operators need advanced solutions that allow them better manage the various transportation challenges which they are facing: traffic congestion, an aged and overloaded transport infrastructure, lack of funding, driver’s safety, increased CO2 and noise pollution and lack of integration between transit networks. On the other hand, tolling industry is requesting solutions that ensure maximum system reliability and availability for their customers, as well as maximum accuracy on the toll revenue collection.
Our advanced transportation solutions and smart information services empower city and transportation authorities enabling  “Situation Awareness” and Coordination between agencies and improve the operation efficiency of their transportation infrastructures and services to reduce congestion over 20%, increase drivers safety, meet transportation demand providing travelers with accurate pre-trip and on route travel information while reducing CO2 emissions over. 
On the tolling market, we assure operators with maximum accuracy of toll revenue collection as well as ensure long term system reliability, thanks to  the most accurate and reliable tolling solution available on the market with over a 99,9% of accuracy. Additionally, Schneider Electric offers industry-leading weather and pavement forecasts, which help both the aviation and road transportation sectors operate safer and more efficiently.
  • India - Traffic flow improvement and energy consumption reduction
  • United States - Heighten road and drivers safety by reducing accident rate.
  • Spain - Enables travellers to adapt their driving pattern to the conditions they are going to face and thereby prevent risky situations.

Better and more innovative mobility management solutions are essential for the sustainable economic and social development of tomorrow’s cities and regions. Our smart solutions and information services will help you to improve the operation efficiency of your entire transportation and tolling networks, reduce emissions through the reduction of traffic congestion and increased use of public transit, and facilitate easier and safer travel for residents across transit modes.

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