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Smart Energy

Global energy needs are set to increase 40% by 2030, bringing pressure on prices, competition for resources, difficulties to provide access to societies’ poorest citizens, climate change,  impact on economic growth.
And cities are where energy flows – oil and gas and electricity feed city life. 
Cities need to make their energy smarter: more efficient, reliable and green.
We deliver smart energy – today.
Save up to 30% of your energy across the electricity and gas distribution systems through our state-of-the-art automation solutions and real-time information management systems. Our energy management services make buildings, homes, companies, renewable energy sources and electric vehicles efficient and smartly connected to the grid. And our demand-response capabilities help balance supply and demand across the network.~

Cities looking to achieve SmartCity initiatives for reduced energy consumption, lower energy-related emissions, and enhanced quality of service and customer satisfaction will find that Schneider Electric's solutions provide the integration that is critical to enhanced network operations from an advanced digital information network that accurately collects data from all monitoring and control points in the electric system, to the command and control infrastructure that enables and executes better, Smart Grid performance.

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Build your Solution Online
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