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Smart Mobility

As cities grow and expand, so will urban transportation systems - increasing traffic congestion, threatening safety, wasting commuter time and valuable fuel, and impacting the environment.
And cities are where traffic flows – cars, buses, subways and trams epitomize city life. 
Cities need to make mobility smarter: more efficient, reliable and green.
We deliver smart mobility – today.
From traffic and transit management systems that deliver real-time visibility across the entire transportation network to efficient and safe electric vehicles recharging infrastructure via tolling and congestion charging solutions, we deliver  up to 20% reduction of travel time and traffic delays – to make everyday’s life faster for residents, commuters and visitors.~

Urban populations will nearly double by 2050 accounting for 70 percent of the world’s population. Undoubtedly, transportation systems will be impacted, increasing congestion, threatening safety, delaying commuters, burning up valuable fuel, and harming the environment. To meet current and anticipated challenges, SmartCities around the world are relying on Schneider Electric’s Smart Mobility solutions for integrated city management—improving mobility for citizens through operational efficiency and smart information.

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Build your Solution Online
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