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Smart Buildings & Homes

Buildings are 40% of global energy demand – and will soon be 60%. Old or new, publicly- or privately-owned, commercial or residential, single- to multiple-occupant, buildings are where people live, work and play.
Buildings make a city’s landscape and are home to its people.
Cities need to make their buildings smarter: more efficient, green and livable.
We deliver smart buildings – today.
From world-class energy management systems to security management, energy and carbon dashboards and active energy controls for homes, we help buildings become active citizens in their city. And our
EcoStruxure integrated architecture integrates all five key domains of a building: power, IT room, process, building and security management systems.

By 2050, it is expected that nearly 70 percent of the world's population will be living in cities. As these areas expand, so will the demand for smart buildings and housing. This rapidly rising market is based on numerous factors, including global regulatory pressures, public and stakeholder pleas for socially sustainable business practices, increasing energy demand and prices, and economic, demographic and industrial growth.

The Life+ GreenCity project coordinated by Schneider Electric, aimed at reducing energy conumption in public builings in the cities of Nantes and Vigo. title icon
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Build your Solution Online
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