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Water & wastewater, commercial buildings, industry or irrigation - Whatever your focus. In order to increase customer satisfaction you must supply machines which are more safe, energy efficient, reliable, at a reduced cost and shorter lead-time. Your choice of Control Solutions is now, more than ever, a determining factor in distinguishing yourself at each stage, from the design and development to implementation and maintenance of the machine.
To meet this demand, Schneider Electric offers MachineStruxure™, automation solutions, which help you to quickly design pumping solutions that are optimized regarding costs and energy efficiency, whilst maximising their performance throughout the service life of the machine. MachineStruxure™ solutions for pumping applications allow you to:

Reduce time to market
• Don’t start from scratch: use TVDAs (Tested, Validated, and Documented Architectures) to begin designing your application
• Don’t program: use pre-designed and easily configurable Macro function blocks to develop your application

Increase profitability
• A single supplier for a complete solution, from the optimized  to the performance offer
• Embedded pumping functions such as cavitation protection, pump stage and de-stage, PID, and others

Improve efficiency
• Energy efficiency: a set of libraries make it easy to achieve greater energy efficiency
• Optimize performance by selecting only required functions
• Controllers and drives with compact dimensions to optimize panel size
• Wide range of remote I/Os provides a cost-effective solution for expanding your system

Simplify integration and maintenance
• Wide range of HMI options for monitoring capabilities to suit your application
• Connected everywhere: remote wireless access e.g. through Web visualisation or OptiM2M as well as smart devices, Cloud solutions, and the Internet

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