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Whatever your area of focus – chillers or air-handling units for commercial buildings, residential or industrial applications - Schneider Electric has the right solution for you. To keep your customers satisfied, you need to supply machines that are robust, energy efficient, and reliable, all at a reduced cost and with short lead-times. Your customers also expect the best service, anytime and anywhere in the world. Now more than ever, your choice of control solutions is key to distinguish yourself at every stage of the process, from design and development to implementation and machine maintenance.
MachineStruxure™ automation solutions from Schneider Electric can help you quickly design a cost-optimized HVAC control system with on-board energy efficiency solutions. With MachineStruxure™, you can maximize performance throughout the machine’s entire service life. MachineStruxure™ solutions for HVAC applications allow you to:
  • Reduce your machine’s time to market. Shorten development and setup times using our Tested, Validated & Documented Architectures (TVDA) and a large assortment of predefined HVAC controlling functions.
  • Improve machine performance with innovative automation technology and dedicated HVAC application functions, supplemented with advanced drive technology, to increase energy efficiency while reducing maintenance and improving reliability.
  • Gain a competitive advantage and optimize overall costs for your machine: from design to maintenance, we are ready to help you in any location with our worldwide network of training, solution design and delivery centers, after-sales services, and HVAC control experts.