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Hoisting control

As a hoist and crane builder, you are constantly searching for innovative ways to design and build more efficient and cost-effective  hoisting equipment in less time. You also need to increase the speed and safety of your cranes and comply with strict safety legislation.
MachineStruxure™ solutions and our hoisting control experts can help you design more efficient and cost-effective cranes while maximizing performance. Predefined “Tested, Validated, and Documented Architectures” and a comprehensive set of hoisting software libraries (anti-crab, anti-sway, speed optimization functions…) can reduce your design time by up to 50%. With their innovative automation and drive technologies, regenerative systems, and data storage monitoring, MachineStruxure architectures and services can help you increase reliability, safety, and energy efficiency in your cranes while reducing maintenance requirements.

Up to 25% savings
in productivity thanks to the anti-sway function