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Whatever your focus - Industrial or Building, Harbour or Self-erecting cranes, as a hoist and crane builder, you are constantly searching for innovative ways to design and build more efficient and cost-effective hoisting equipment complying to safety norms and standards.In order to increase customer satisfaction you must supply machines that are safer, energy efficient and reliable while delivering at reduced cost and with shorter lead-time. Your customers expect the best service, anytime and anywhere in the world as well as shortened commissioning and reaction times. The demand to raise profitability and to consolidate the number of suppliers becomes more important. Your choice of control solutions is now, more than ever, a determining factor in distinguishing yourself at each stage, from the design and development to implementation and maintenance of the machine.
To meet this demand, Schneider Electric offers MachineStruxure™ automation solutions, which help you to quickly design Hoisting applications that are optimized regarding costs and energy efficiency, maximizing their performance throughout the service life of the machine at the same time.
MachineStruxure™ solutions for Hoisting applications allow you to:
Reduce your machine’s time-to-market with predefined “Tested, Validated, and Documented Architectures” and extensive software function libraries all part of our state-of-art Hoisting offer.
Increased profitability by “ready-to-use” software templates and lower costs due to secure remote access to the machine from anywhere in the world.
Improve machine efficiency with innovative automation and advanced drive technology, in order to increase energy efficiency while reducing maintenance costs and improving reliability.
Gain a competitive advantage by simplified integration and optimize the global cost of your machine: from design to maintenance, we are ready to help you wherever you are with our worldwide network of training and solution design engineers, after-sales services, and Hoisting experts.

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