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As a real estate executive, you are pressured to balance environmental, financial and workforce issues. Reducing energy consumption and meeting corporate social responsibility goals is challenging when you also must provide a highly productive working environment—one that is safe, flexible, and comfortable for occupants. Above all, your buildings must retain long-term income and asset value.
Schneider Electric delivers integrated building solutions through EcoStruxureTM system architecture—from enterprise level software down to hardware components across the five critical domains of an enterprise. This can save up to 25% in CAPEX, and allow you to save up to 30% in energy costs. With advanced energy efficiency measures and renewable energy, we've helped customers achieve carbon neutral and positive energy status. Our solutions for high performance office buildings will improve asset value, rental value and financial performance for occupants.
  • United States - This showcase LEED Platinum certified corporate headquarters reduced energy consumption by 42% and water consumption by 34%.
  • Netherlands - This 17,000 m² carbon neutral headquarters is one of the most sustainable buildings in Europe, thanks to an EcoStruxure solution.
  • France - This 23,000 m² office building is the world’s largest positive-energy building: it produces more energy than it consumes.

Learn how we used our own energy management solutions to achieve the world’s first ISO 50001 certification at our corporate headquarters.

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Build your Solution Online
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