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Marine and Shore Connection

Global Ship-owners have to continually ensure safe, secure and efficient operations whilst keeping oceans clean. In the course of investing in their fleets, much effort are being spent in optimising investments to provide highest returns and minimising time to put fleets in service. Additionally, operating expenses continue to be their main concerns as energy and labour costs continue to rise rapidly.
Schneider Electric, the leader in energy management, has more than 90 years of experience in the marine industry and a strong presence in major shipbuilding countries, including China, Korea and Europe, for the naval, merchant marine and offshore segments.
As an experienced and reliable partner for both marine power distribution system and marine automation system, Schneider Electric's globally available products are 100% compliant with marine standards and integrate the latest technologies.
What Schneider Electric can offer your vessel:
• Marine power distribution system (MV and LV)
• Machinery protection and control
• Marine automation system             
• Marine electrical propulsion and thrusters
Schneider Electric has marine, offshore teams, as well as hundreds of professionals worldwide. More than 5,000 ships are equipped with our products!
  • China - One stop provider for full electrical power management and distribution system, and automated controls for auxiliary propulsion and cargo oil pumps. System footprint reduction by 30% and capex reduction by 15%.
  • Australia - World's first hybrid passenger ferries powered by Schneider Electric power and automation solution achieves 50% fuel and CO2 savings.

Global Ship-owners have to continually ensure safe, secure and efficient operations whilst keeping oceans clean. Reducing operating and fleet management costs are among their main concerns. We can deliver solutions that save up to 20% at the point of your investments, up to 30% on your operating costs and that is 99.9% reliable.

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