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Process Systems, Machine Control

The challenges faced by today’s process industries have been multiplied by the volatile state of the global economy. In this type of environment, the demands on a process control system are increased, and go beyond simple regulatory functions. Your process becomes a tool to not only manage your plant, but also decrease energy consumption, reduce costs, cut emissions, and obtain quick and precise information from the field to support production and business decisions.
At Schneider Electric, a leader in process automation and energy management, we have been delivering solutions for manufacturing and process industries for over 40 years.
Recently, we have added to our portfolio deep knowledge and expertise in DCS for process applications and a complete range of safety solutions. Delivered alongside our hybrid control system applications, plant and infrastructure for discrete applications and telemetry for remote architectures, these offers form the expanded PlantStruxure architecture – our global process automation architecture for discrete to continuous applications. For anyone who designs, operates, maintains and manages an industrial facility, PlantStruxure brings the promise of more value through faster time-to-market, reduced risk and lower costs using proven and integrated technologies, and leveraging a powerful industrial software portfolio. PlantStruxure is completed with lifecycle services that deliver optimal knowledge and support throughout the entire lifespan of industrial facilities.
  • Brazil - Discover how TOTAL Brazil benefits from our expertise for their automation and control system for ethanol production and power generation in a sugar cane segment in Brazil…
  • Netherlands - PlantStruxure gave to Agristo the energy monitoring capabilities they required and achieved their main objective: create an ultra-modern line that would prepare for the futur
  • Australia - The wastewater facility from Wide Bay Water Company are saving energy and water with PlantStruxure: 20% faster commissioning and 12,5% energy consumption reduction.

With PlantStruxure™ you can produce efficiently and safely while contributing to a greener world.

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