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Gas-Insulated metal-enclosed switchgear up to 36 kV 2500A/40kA

Each switchboard is made up of several interconnected functional units:

> busbar compartment
> gas compartment for busbar system,
> gas compartment for circuit breaker,
> power cable compartment,
> low voltage control cabinet


  • Technology: gas (SF6)
  • Standard: IEC
  • Rated voltage (kV): 36 kV
  • Busbar system: single or double
  • Rated normal current (A):
    . Busbar system: max 2500 A
    . Incoming/outgoing: max 2500A
    . Short-circuit breaking current (kA): 40 kA
    . Internal arc classification: AFL, AFLR ; 40 kA/0.5s
    . Standard degrees of protection: IP-65 for HV compartment. IP-3X for LV cabinet (IP-4X on request)
  • Availability of electrical energy
    Designed for high performance based on the principle of metal-enclosed switchgear, enclosed single or double busbars, MV compartment with gas-insulated circuit-breaker, LV cabinet with Sepam protection relay
  • Safety of life and property 
    Very high degree of protection for life and property, gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear, sealed for life, interlocking of controls, totally reliable mechanical position indicators (open/closed), protection and supervision with relays, internal arcing withstand
  • Optimised investment
    Saving space, small footprint, saving time with reduced maintenance, no need to stop operations with double busbar version.
  • Saving the planet
    ISO 14001 certification of production sites, designed using EIME software (environmental information & management explorer), cubicles are 96 % recyclable at the end of service life

Specially designed for HV/MV and MV/MV substations

  • For Industry, electric utilities or infrastructure markets: auxiliary substations, wind farms, oil & Gas, chemical industry, metallurgy, car industry, mining, cement plants, cogenerations, airports, ports, hospitals, water treatment, traction substations
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