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Conext Control
Conext Control
Conext Control

Conext Control - Monitoring and control sytem


String to grid monitoring and control system for PV power plants

Conext Control is the global and modular monitoring and control solution for large photovoltaic installations. It is designed to efficiently operate any site by providing site technicians the means to make prompt decisions, analyze long-term trends and manage the life cycle performance of your assets.
Conext Control also includes plant control features, enabling smooth integration of PV installations on the grid and implementation of complex grid support services
True bankability
• Warranty from a trusted partner with over 177 years of experience
• World leader in automation, SCADA and process control in diverse industries
• Strong service infrastructure worldwide to support your global needs

Higher return on investment
• CAPEX and feature level adapted to any need
• Minimizes OPEX
• Improves energy harvest
• Contributes to extend equipment life duration

Designed for reliability
• Robust design through rigorous Custom Reliability Testing

• Various features levels (Optimum+, Optimum, Essential) to meet any customer requirements
• Modular hardware and software based on standardized bricks

Easy to service
• Complete multi-site solution including data acqusition, remote control, grid interaction management, supervison,
  data storage and analysis

Easy to install
• Robust system made up with devices from Schneider Electric industry business, to withstand real life conditions in
  harsh environments
• Utility scale power plants
• Large commercial rooftops
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