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Zelio Control
Zelio Control
Zelio Control

Zelio Control - Measurement & control relays

Measurement and control relays RM4 - RM84 -RM17 - RM35 - REG

They can monitor power supplies (phases, voltage, current, frequency) to protect motors and other equipment or control physical values such as level, speed and temperature.

  •  Phase control relay
    Detects all possible faults occurring in the phases
  • Voltage & current control relays
    Ensure your equipment is powered with proper values
  • Frequency control relay
    Monitors frequency variation from your power generation set
  • Level control relay
    Filling or emptying, adapts to all kinds of materials
  • Pump control relay
    Controls and protects your pump from dry running or overloading
  • Speed control relay
    Picks up the improper rhythm of your process
  • Temperature control relay for lift application
    Dedicated to lift temperature monitoring (EN81)
  •  Temperature control relays
    Dedicated to temperature regulation (heating, cooling or heating/cooling of processes)

Monitoring of your equipment

Simple and accurate adjustments are a sure-fire way to achieve quick and easy setup. These relays can satisfy all the monitoring requirements of mobile process control or network equipment.

  • Industry and domestic: switchboards in simple machines, motors and process monitoring
  • Start-up and monitoring of water treatment equipment
  • Packaging, textile, HVAC
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