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Modicon M580 Ethernet PAC
Modicon M580 Ethernet PAC
Modicon M580 Ethernet PAC

Modicon M580 Ethernet PAC - Built in Ethernet and the highest Level of Cyber Security


The M580 ePAC is a revolutionary controller which uses open Ethernet standards to enable a whole new level of process efficiency and flexibility, while providing the highest level of Cyber Security with its Achilles™ Level 2 certification, one of the highest Cyber Security certifications available.
Modicon M580 ePAC has the capability to access and manage HART IO data using the X80 HART module.
  • Access consistent and accurate data for timely decisions
  • Reduce downtime with detailed insight into alarms and events
  • Rapidly diagnose and identify root causes of issues
  • Make informed decisions about plant operations and energy management
  • Achilles™ Level 2 Certified
  • Firmware integrity is checked at every startup
  • Firmware compiled and stored in memory, preventing its decompilation by any third party
  • Capability to disable all unused Ethernet services
  • Insures the system is 100% safe and has not been corrupted by any malware, spyware, or virus
  • Twice the data management speed
  • Timestamping less than one millisecond
  • Open Ethernet backbone
Easy and flexible
  • Design your architecture without constraints
  • Modify your process and architecture without stopping the process
  • Diagnose remotely
  • Reduce application development costs
  • Secure investments
Medium process applications:
  • Water and Waste Water plant
  • Food and Beverage
  • MMM especially Cement
  • Hydro power
  • Infrastructure
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