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I-Line Combo Panelboard
I-Line Combo Panelboard
I-Line Combo Panelboard

I-Line Combo Panelboard - Combines I-Line and lighting sections in one panelboard.

The I-Line™ Combo Panelboard saves time and space by combining I-Line and NQ/NF sections in one panelboard. The I-Line Combo Panelboard features a smart, space-saving design for fast installation and a smaller footprint, all with the proven reliability trusted for decades. And since you install one panelboard instead of two, you save on installation time, labor expenses, and material costs.

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I-Line Combo Panelboards are capable of feeding large motor loads and are utilized in most every market segment. Wherever electricity is distributed or controlled, you can install or retrofit I-Line Combo Panelboards.
  • 600y/347 Vac, 48 Vdc maximum
  • 1200 A maximum main circuit breaker or 800 A maximum main lug
  • 1200 A maximum branch circuit breaker
  • 200,000 A SCCR when using current limiting main or branch circuit breakers
  • Fully rated and series rated systems available
  • Interiors available in plated copper or aluminum bus
  • Complete line of UL listed interiors with 200% rated neutrals for non-linear loads
  • Sub-feed or through-feed lugs through 1200 A
  • Interiors accept plug-on thermal magnetic or solid state branch circuit breakers
  • Branch circuit breakers have no loose mounting hardware and are the fastest in the industry to install with only a screw driver
  • Lighting section interiors accept both bolt-on and plug-on branch circuit breakers
  • Branch circuit breakers are simple to rearrange in the field, limited restrictions on mounting locations
  • 100,000 A - 240,000 A field installable plug-in SPD units
  • Available with or without door, or with hinged trim
  • Broad range of field installable kits available from stock
  • Bolt-on branch circuit breakers attach with captive screws
  • Available in Single Enclosure (26” and 32” width) or Duplex Enclosure (32” and 44” width)
  • A screwdriver is the only tool you need to install these breakers, which saves valuable installation time.
  • Uses the classic Square D™ I-Line and NQ/NF layout with a familiar feel and ensures no time lost in learning how to install. Flexible
  • The Single I-Line Combo Panelboard is available in 26” and 32” widths. Order the 32” if your project requires more I-Line mounting space.
  • The Duplex I-Line Combo Panelboard is available in 32” and 44” widths, either in two hard-bussed lighting sections or one hard-bussed lighting section and open mounting space for field installable options.
  • The I-Line power section mounts horizontally, and is available in 18-, 22.5- or 31.5-inch configurations.


  • Requires up to 40 percent less space than a traditional I-Line and NQ and/or NF lighting panelboards configuration.
  • The I-Line Combo Panelboard is built to the same UL Listed® 67 standard as other Square D panelboards.
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