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Powerlink Lighting Control Systems

Controller - 1000 Level G3 Controller
Simple complete control for for smaller facilities.
Controller - 2000 Level G3 Controller
Fast Ethernet-based control for managing a large lighting system.
Controller - 3000 Level G3 Controller
Web-enabled control for controlling and managing the cost of the lighting system.
Controller - 500 Level G3 Controller
Basic control for low-voltage switching applications.
Modular Panelboard System
Bundles electrical distribution equipment into a single factory assembled and wired integrated system.
Powerlink Device Power Supply
The Powerlink® Device Power Supply distributes power on a C-Bus™ network.
Powerlink Device Router
Powerlink Device Routers allows the exchange of data between a Powerlink NF3000G3C controller and C-Bus™ devices.
Powerlink G3 Power Supply
The Powerlink G3 Power Supply provides power to operate the controller, control buses, and remotely operated circuit breakers.
Powerlink G3 Remote Mount Controllers
Remote Mount Controllers mount externally to the panelboard freeing up valuable circuit spaces in retrofit applications.