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Sensors and RFID System

OsiSense XC Special format
Special format Limit switches
OsiSense XC standard
Limit switches
OsiSense ATEX D
Sensors for explosive atmospheres
XR and XF
Screw limit swiches and Overtravel limit swiches
OsiSense XS & XT
Inductive and capacitive proximity sensors
OsiSense XU
Photo-electric sensors
OsiSense XX
Ultrasonic sensors
OsiSense ATEX D
Sensors for explosive atmospheres
Osiswitch ATEX D
Limit switches, for explosive atmospheres
OsiSense XCC
Rotary encoders
OsiSense XM
Sensors for pressure control
Preventa XY2 C - ATEX D
Emergency stops rope pull switches for explosive atmospheres dust
Preventa  XCS ATEX D
Safety switches for explosive atmosphere
Preventa XY2C
Rope pull switches - emergency stops and others
Preventa XU
Safety light curtains
Preventa  XCS
Safety switches
OsiSense XG
RFID identification system
OsiSense XZ
OsiSense XZ
Limit switches
Osisense limit switches