Ecodial Advanced Calculation

To calculate and size electrical installation
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Ecodial Advanced Calculation
The software to calculate and size your electrical installation
  • Benefits

    The reference tool for powerful and compliant electrical installations.

    Time savings and increased productivity:
    • Verification of electrical network consistency prior to calculation of solutions
    • Errors reported and identified on the single-line diagram
    • Calculation reports and information immediately usable.

    High added value level:
    • Consideration of the installation operating modes and the need for continuity of supply
    • Consistency of choices between calculated switchgear and proposed equipment
    • Harmonization of the protection schedule
    • Quick access to choices of alternative solutions.

    Enhanced expert image:
    • Compliance with calculation standards: compliance with the CENELEC TR50480 technical report
    • Compliance with installation standards: non-conformities are automatically reported
    • Compliance with product standards: all recommended Schneider Electric products comply with applicable standards
    • Guarantee of having the most up-to-date offers
    • Complete study file: automatic generation of design notes and cable and protection schedule.

    Installation conforming to applicable standards:
    • Complete compliance with calculation and installation standards
    • Guaranteed safety of persons and equipment
    • Reworking to conformity of the existing installation.

    Optimised and latest generation solution:
    • Installation operating constraints and need for continuity of supply are taken into account as from the design stage
    • Choice of products out of the latest Schneider Electric ranges.
  • Applications

    Recommended configuration is
    - Processor Dual Core 1.4 GHz, 64 bits.
    - 2 Go RAM
    - Graphics adapter compliant with DirectX 10
    - screen 1600*1200

    The minimum configuration is
    - Processor Intel® Pentium® 4, 2.2 MHz
    - 1 Go RAM
    - graphics adapter compliant with DirectX 9.0
    - screen : 1024x768 pixels (17' screen)

    Operating system required
    - Windows XP Professional SP2 or SP3
    - Windows Vista 32 bit
    - Windows Seven (32 & 64 bit).
    - Up to date graphic drivers.