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    Energy Event Index

    Emailed-delivered, weather-driven energy risk forecasts

    Proven weather risk forecasts for power utilities

    Energy Event Index
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      • Anticipate outages related to events like high winds, heavy snow, and ice
      • Uses a one-to-five rating system and colour coding for faster risk assessment
      • Accounts for the impact of factors like time of year and foliage coverage
      • Includes the forecaster’s level of confidence regarding the likelihood of the forecasted event


      Weather is the source of many of your most significant operational challenges. Not only does it cause outages that upset customers and inflict damage to your infrastructure, it also impacts important mutual assistance decisions.

      With our Energy Event Index forecasts, you can:

      • Better anticipate outages and damage with a colour-coded, one-to-five weather threat rating system
      • Improve mutual assistance decisions with clear seven-day risk assessments for your service territory
      • Protect your organisation's reputation with the insight you need to pro-actively manage weather events
      • New! Share information across your organisation with full email recipient control and geographic display of the forecast in our popular weather system for expanded insight


      Our emailed-delivered Energy Event Index forecasts feature a one-to-five, colour-coded rating system for fast, easy assessments of threats related to an individual weather event — such as high winds, heavy snow, or ice. What’s more, you can view the weather’s impact on your utility up to seven days out. This supports improved near-term planning, including mutual assistance-related decisions. By knowing that mutual assistance is not needed, you can potentially save millions of dollars. You can also better determine when it will be needed, and how much will be needed — ensuring faster restoration and helping you avoid customer, public relations, and regulatory issues.

      Our Energy Event Index forecasts can be customised to your utility’s service territory districts and unique decision triggers. This gives you greater control over the information you need to make decisions and minimise outages — helping you to better manage high profile weather events.