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    ArcFM for Utilities

    More Reliable Intelligence with Utility GIS

    Your Corner of the Smart Grid Starts Here

    ArcFM for Utilities
    • Features

      Schneider Electric's ArcFM Enterprise GIS provides a graphical, data-rich environment, displaying the information utilities need for maximum reliability and efficiency. Developed as a complete enterprise solution for an entire organization, ArcFM GIS offers a map-centric, intuitive way to model, design, maintain and manage facility, and land based information.And because geographical information is built into the map data, your asset changes and updates are more apt to operate appropriately under the conditions in the geography, reducing the chance of outages and increasing reliability for your customers.


      Schneider Electric ArcFM Enterprise GIS offers many key benefits such as:

      • Improved efficiency
      • Increased safety
      • Enables smarter business decisions


      ArcFM Enterprise GIS’s open database can also link to other CIS and ERP solutions, such as SAP and traditional business software — an invaluable resource for understanding utility assets.