MetConsole® ATIS/VOLMET (Automatic Terminal Information Service)

Continuous weather broadcast information

Flexible and configurable system maximizes value, investment

MetConsole® ATIS/VOLMET (Automatic Terminal Information Service)
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    Schneider Electric ATIS is a fully digital, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 11-compliant solution that serves the weather information essential for arriving and departing flights:

    • Audio -- Using the latest speech synthesis technology for clearly understood reproduction; configurable for multiple languages
    • Workstation -- Messages are constructed on a separate ATIS workstation with user-friendly GUI
    • Upgrades -- Software upgrades and new configurations are activated remotely by system administrator and distributed to all connected servers and clients
    • Secure and reliable delivery
    • Dual redundant hardware
    • Two, independent servers connected in a hot standby configuration with automatic failover
    • Improved availability of VoIP
    • Password-protected system access


    Provides accurate and reliable meteorological information relating to airport terminal area operations.  Includes monitoring, observation, and forecasting -- with real-time data communications expertise.

    • Well-established solution; proven performance
    • Comprehensive operation and maintenance bundle, including Datalink Networks (digital) capability, for cost effectiveness and full service
    • Modular design for scalability and flexibility; you implement just what is needed, as needed
    • Remote broadcasting mode; localized servers and VoIP radios eliminate amplifiers and optimise system availability
    • Powerful communication options; information delivered as prescribed


    Serves the weather information essential for arriving and departing flights at airports worldwide.