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    Solar irradiance and solar power forecasts

    Site-specific, solar power forecasts

    Save money and enhance your operations

    Solar irradiance and solar  power forecasts
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      • Site-specific forecasts can support all types of solar forecast requirements, for both PV and CSP
      • Power, GHI, or DNI forecasts are offered
      • Includes 10 to 15-minute and hourly resolution
      • Highly accurate due to state-of-the-art machine learning techniques
      • Near-term forecasts can be enhanced with satellite-based nowcast irradiance forecasts
      • Can be created for anywhere in the world
      • Reliable FTP delivery
      • Includes access to a complete weather service


      The level of accuracy our solar forecasts offer can yield several money-saving and operational benefits, including:

      • Improved power marketing decisions for better financial results
      • Enhanced generation planning and dispatch for expanded use of solar power
      • Reduced spinning reserve costs
      • Improved ability to meet ISO/TSO commitments
      • Enhanced distribution system control and maintained system reliability for distributed solar operations
      • Optimised load forecasts that provide a more accurate indication of radiation impact on load


      Our sophisticated solar forecasts are ideal for utility-scale solar plants, high concentrations of distributed solar, and other applications that require the highest level of accuracy. Use them to meet the ever-growing demand for power by augmenting your traditional power sources with sustainable, environmentally friendly solar.

      When you chose our solar forecast technology, we include access to our industry-leading, complete weather visualisation and management solution. With it you can see your forecast information in detailed tabular and graphical displays, as well as view current and expected weather conditions to better anticipate generation. Exclusive alerting technology, real-time lightning data, and other beneficial features are also included to help you manage your broader weather challenges.