WeatherSentry Web Services

Reliable weather information delivered via web services

Highly accurate observations and forecasts to protect people, resources, and profitability

WeatherSentry Web Services
  • Features

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    • Top-rated weather information delivered via the Web
    • Provides SOAP or REST services
    • Hourly and daily forecasts for the 15-day outlook, with associated actual observations available
    • Available hourly and daily parameters include those common to energy operations and planning, such as
      temperature values, heat index, humidity, wind characteristics, precipitation type and amount, barometric
      pressure, and many others
    • Provides parameters not available from free sources , such as heating degree days and cooling degree days, irradiance, evapotranspiration, and others
    • Climatological (normal) data also available for North American locations


    Integrate weather information into your existing solutions
    • Create effective applications that improve load forecasting and save costs
    • Streamline Web site and applications development and maintenance -- and reduce development costs -- with a single, comprehensive source
    • Realise consistent and complete data availability to all application users -- facilitating decision making, planning, and communications; a value-added example: reliable weather information can help identify flawed meter readings and avoid erroneous billing, supporting customer service and public relations


    Schneider Electric's industry-leading weather information available via the web,  MxVision WeatherSentry® Web Services provides SOAP and REST services that developers or software architects can include in data applications used throughout an organization. Both services provide the 24/7, secure information exchange mandatory for industries such as the electrical utility industry. SOAP XML-based services use WS-Security, authentication, and SSL. The REST XML-based service uses proprietary methods with authentication and SSL.