Weather Services for Energy Load Forecasting

Temperature forecasts for automated input load models

The accuracy needed for supply planning, smart grid operations, successful energy trading

Weather Services for Energy Load Forecasting
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    • Top-rated temperature forecast in the industry for the past five consecutive years
    • Data feed delivered via ftp site
    • Available globally
    • Long range forecasts, up to two years out, available for trading or planning purposes
    • Able to link with existing observation networks for even more accurate readings, and Schneider Electric can implement a network for you
    • Available worldwide


    Schneider Electric's accurate weather forecasts yield load predictions that most closely reflect actual demand. As a result, whether working with gas or electric power, you can significantly reduce costs and increase revenues by:

    • Avoiding excessive base loads and reducing use of costly peaking resources
    • Limiting imbalance penalties
    • Improving power marketing
    • Improving distribution management


    Weather forecasts are the most important variable affecting electric and natural gas load forecasts: up to 90 percent of the error in load forecasts can be attributed to inaccurate weather forecasting. Our temperature forecasts have been independently rated #1 in the industry for the past five consecutive years. We deliver data hourly for automated input load models, and we monitor these deliveries 24/7.