Integrate and display weather and assets on a single interface

Enhance your helicopter operations and improve safety with dynamic helicopter and asset display capabilities

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    • Through the MxVision WeatherSentry Online® Helicopter Edition exclusive layered map interface, RotorWatch provides a visual alert of weather threats to both in-flight and fixed assets
    • Each item is color-coded according to its current weather alert status
    • Alerts and thresholds easily tailored for your operation
    • Alerts are updated as current and forecast weather conditions become hazardous to your operations
    • RotorWatch is part of a comprehensive suite of services for helicopter operations; other solutions include custom forecasts, mobile weather solutions, and 24/7 access to aviation meteorologists for consultations
    • Available worldwide


    Weather and assets displayed on a single interface allows users to:

    • See the current position and status of helicopters in a single display
    • Monitor the impact of weather on each helicopter or base
    • Ensure compliance with your operations specifications and with US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) OpSpec AO21 requirements


    RotorWatch™ integrates real-time weather and position information for in-flight and fixed assets on a single interface. With this information, control centers can run safer, more efficient flights.