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    AviationSentry Airport Edition

    Weather management tools designed for airports

    Advanced weather forecasts designed to support critical decisions of airport officials

    AviationSentry Airport Edition
    • Features

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      • Location-specific, customisable alerts
      • Real-time lightning display and detection
      • Availability via PC or mobile device
      • Ability to submit questions online to an experienced meteorologist, any time of the day or night
      • Real-time weather conditions, plus daily forecasts for the next 15 days and hourly forecasts for the immediate 36 hours
      • Runway forecasts
      • Available worldwide


      Safer, more efficient ramp operations with advanced weather technology:

      • Patented PrecipTimer®, which lets you know exactly when snow or ice will start and how long it's expected to last
      • Real-time lightning strike display and detection
      • Location-specific 15-day forecasts and hourly forecasts for the immediate 36 hours
      • Customisable alerts for conditions of most importance to you
      • Online Q and A with an experienced meteorologist, any time of the day or night, for professional insight when making important decisions
      • Convenient access via PC or mobile device -- plus new smartphone apps for Android™ and Apple® iPhone® devices that deliver GPS-based forecasts and alerts for an exact location
      • Runway forecasts


      • Comply with US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines for extreme weather conditions
      • Advanced weather information needed in order to safely and efficiently delay and/or resume ground operations
      • Accurate weather and runway forecasts necessary in order to safely and effectively schedule winter maintenance functions such as plowing