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    Integrate weather and operations information

    All weather and operations data available in a single, secure interface

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      • Relies on the OASyS DNA SCADA system to automatically coalesce weather and operations data from disparate systems, while honouring all associated business rules
      • Provides weather, traffic, and Road Weather Information System (RWIS) data on a single interface -- allowing you to know the immediate effect of combined conditions
      • The open-architecture SCADA system interfaces with any standardized weather observation system, so you can choose your preferred system vendor and maintenance provider and add sensor components to the system as data input needs grow or change
      • Available worldwide


      Provides a continuously updated, single-information landscape that combines essential weather information with real-time surface information.

      • Reduced number of display platforms, provider fees, and maintenance agreements -- to make the most of limited resources
      • Ability to monitor device status for accurate assessment of the health of the RWIS investment
      • Access to critical weather and RWIS information in the office, on a laptop, in the field, or on a mobile device
      • Choice of RWIS hardware vendor
      • Scalability and security to meet requirements for the long term


      • Combines weather and operations (RWIS and traffic data) on a single user interface
      • Efficiently collects the weather measurements specified and combines them, through the secure computing cloud, with forecasts and operational data from enterprise-level platforms
      • Ideal for airports and state Departments of Transportation (DOTs)