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What is the purpose of the Register Offsets settings in the M340 Modbus Plus Proxy ?

Goals and Symptoms:
Explain the purpose of the Register Offset settings in the M340 Modbus Plus Proxy.

Facts and Changes:
M340 Offset Functions are listed below. (reference graphics below)
1. The 1X I/O Bit offset redirects 1x data from Modbus Plus to the M340 PLC %M locations
2. The 3X Register offset redirects 3x data from Modbus Plus to the M340 PLC %MW locations
       a. Offsets only apply to functions such as MSTR, SCADA and HMI
       b. Default values will not conflict with converted legacy applications
       c. Default memory location for 1x = %M2048,
       d. Default memory location for 3x = %MW2048
3. The Legacy Compatibility Offset 0x & 4x by 1 checkbox when enabled will effect the addresses of all functions including PeerCop & Global Data. Legacy compatibility is achieved by adding 1 to accommodate for the difference in         the starting register location in the M340 PLC when using a converted application.
       a. Starting register in M340 PLC is %M0 and %MW0
       b. Legacy offset redirects 000001 to %M1
       c. Legacy offset redirects 400001 requests to %MW1
4. The Starting Address of PeerCop Health Status specifies the starting register in the M340 for the PeerCop Health Status data. The Default (3072) %MW location for the PeerCop & Global Data Health write 12 words to %MW3072 in     M340 PLC.

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