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PME8 Alarm Web Configuration does not show digital inputs

PME8 Alarm Web Configuration does not show digital inputs

Product Line
PME 8.0

PME 8.0

The DI needs to map to a measurement that PME can resolve.

There are three methods to create a new measurement:

1) The easiest (recommended) way is to create a Data Recorder Module within the VIP linked to an External Pulse Module.  This process must be done even for native device types such as the PM800 series meter I/O.  Triggering the external pulse through Vista will create a single time stamp and value for the input and map the custom measurement.  No further logging is required, but do NOT delete the Data Recorder from the VIP.  This will populate the measurement under the 'Custom' measurement section.

2) If the device is a 3rd party modbus driver, created using the MDI, name the register one of the standard names.  Choose one of these: 'Digital Input 1', 'Digital Input 2', ..., 'Digital Input 8'
The DI will then show up under 'Generic I/O' in Alarm Configuration as 'Input Status 01' ... 'Input Status 08'

3) If you cannot rename your DI status register, then you'll need to add a custom measurement.  This can be done with the Logical Device Type Editor accessed from Management Console:
Create a new Logical Device Type - call it something like 'Alarm Inputs'
go to Measurement tab - click 'New'

Descriptive Name: the name of the register you added in the MDI - needs to be an exact replica - same case and same spaces
Engineering Name: (same as Descriptive Name)
Units: (leave blank)
Quantity: 'unknown'
Hit 'OK'
You can add as many custom measurements as you need and you don't even need to save the Logical Device Type that you created - although you might want to so that you have a convenient place to find them in the future.  You do not have to map a Logical Device to this new type - the custom measurements will flow through the system the next time the measurement list cache is refreshed (give it 15 mins or so)
Your new custom measurement will show up under 'Custom' in Alarm Configuration
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