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What is the FTP user name and password for ION 7650/7550 meters

User needs to access the FTP site on a meter in order to retrieve waveform data

ION 7650 and 7550 meters with IEC-61850


At least 1 Security User module with "Read Access" and "Test mode Access" enabled needs to be present on the meter, even if standard security is setup on the meter.
Refer to ION Setup User guide on how to configure Standard and Advance Security and how to place a meter in advanced configuration.

If Standard Security is used
1) Place the meter in advanced config mode
2) Open the Security User Modules folder
3) Right click and select Insert Module to add a new module
4) Double click the module to setup permissions and password
5) Use the button "Password..." to configure the password
6) Under Setup Registers, disable permissions not needed but ensure "Read Access" and "Test Mode Access"
7) Send the changes to the meter

How to log onto the FTP site
1) Enter ftp://[IP Address] in a browser or FTP client
2) When logon is requested enter the user setup above, User01 will login as user1
3) Enter the password created for the user
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