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How do I rename devices and keep all the historical data aligned in Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x or 8.x?

Devices need to be renamed but would like historical data to be aligned with this new device name. Previous versions of the software (ION/SPM) would create new device sources in the database when renaming a device.

Product Line:
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x
Power Monitoring Expert 8.x

Caused when a meter name needs to be changed.

In the past while renaming a meter, previous versions of software (ION/SPM) would create a new source in the ION_Network database which would in turn sever the existing connection to that same source name in the ION_Data database. This would essentially cause the software to treat the renamed device as a new source and create a new entry in the ION_Data database as well. At this time the software would start logging new data for this device to the newly created source name in the ION_Data database.

As of PME 7.2, a native Rename function has been added to Management Console which addresses the above issue.
To rename a device in PME:
Right-click on the desired device and select "Rename". (Note: The existing method of right-clicking a device and configuring it to change the name is no longer available. This was the method used in previous versions.) 
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