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How do I use the ATV71 keypad to operate my motor?

, Altivar 71Control via the keypad

Product Line:
All models and serial numbers
The ATV71 a  function key will need to be assigned to toggle between Terminal (T) and Keypad (K).
1.  From the MAIN MENU scroll to ACCESS LEVEL, press enter
2.  Scroll down to "Expert", press enter
3.  Press ESC back to the MAIN MENU
4.  Enter on DRIVE MENU
5.  Scroll down to menu 1.6 COMMAND, press enter
6.  Scroll down to "F4 Key assignment", press enter
7.  Scroll down to "T/K", press enter
8.  Press ESC multiple times until you get to the main screen that shows "FREQUENCY REFERENCE".
The line at the top of the display shows the drive status.  When in terminal mode the word "TERM" will be displayed.  When in keypad control the work "HMI" will be displayed.  The F4 button will toggle between TERM and HMI
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