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ENM alarms do not page out while PowerScada Expert is showing alarms

PSE is showing device alarms but ENM is not paging out

Product Line:

PowerScada Expert 7.40
ENM 8.2

PowerScada Expert 7.40
ENM 8.2

When the PSE server's IP Address gets changed several times, the system.xml file located at c:Program Files/Schneider Electric/7.40/ becomes full of the various IP addresses and ENM can no longer connect to the current OPC server.  A system.xml with such an issue can be found below.

NOTE: The path for this file is always on the C drive regardless of where Power Scada Expert Software is installed.


Delete the system.xml file located C:Program Files/Schneider Electric/7.40/ and re-register the OPC server the system.xml file will be re-created with the correct IP addresses.
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