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PME8 Alarm Configuration Utility does not recognize my custom measurement

The customer has created a custom measurement using the Modbus Device Importer. When the customer navigates to the Alarm Configuration, they are unable to locate the desired measurement under the available measurement.

Product Line:
Power Monitoring Expert 8.0

Power Monitoring Expert Software Configuration

In order to use a custom measurement in an alarm using the alarm configuration utility, that particular measurement needs to be added using the Logical Device Type Editor.


1. Launch the Logical Device Type Editor from Management Console by navigating to Tools --> Logical Device --> Logical Device Type Editor.
2. Create a Logical Device using any name. It's recommended to use a name that can be tracked easily, such as Alarm Inputs.
3. Go to the Measurement tab and click New
4. In the pop-up window, fill out the descriptive name using the exact name of the register you added in MDI. This is both case and space sensitive. In the example below, the register name is Tim100

5. The Engineering Name will be the same as the Descriptive Name.
6. Hit 'OK' and continue to add any custom measurements you are unable to see in the Alarm Configuration
7. Reopen the Alarm Configuration and your custom measurement will show up under Custom as shown below

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