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How can I disable the authentication dialog when accessing Diagrams using the ION virtual root in Power Monitoring Expert 8.0?

Beginning with Power Monitoring Expert 8 (PME8), viewing diagrams by accessing the ION virtual root will present the authentication dialog, requiring users to enter their credentials.

Product Line:
Power Monitoring Expert 8.0

Power Monitoring Expert Web Applications


PME8 instituted password protection for the ION virtual root. In earlier version of PME it was possible to navigate directly to the ION virtual root without authenticating in order to view Diagrams.

*Warning: Take backups of any files prior to modifying them. Ensure the backups are in a location that will not be overwritten (i.e. the Desktop).

This behaviour can be disabled by editing \system\webreach\web.config as follows. Find this text in the web.config file: <deny users="?" />

Change this line to: <allow users='*' />

Once this is done, you can access the ION virtual root without providing credentials.

Additional Note;
If a browser is run on the PME server, the ION virtual root will always be available without requiring authentication. The authentication dialog will only apear if the browser is run on a remote machine.
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