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How to enable or disable an ION Meter Web Page?

User is trying to connect to an ION meter through a web browser, but receiving an error " Page can not be displayed" or "This site can’t be reached" depending on which web browser is used.

Product Line
ION 8650, 8600, 7650, 7550, 7600, 7500

ION Meter Web Page

Note: For PM8000 meters, ION Setup V3.0.15140.02 or later must be used. 

1. Connect to the meter in Advanced Mode using ION Setup. 
2. Select the Comm Modules folder and then the Ethernet module. 
3. Under the Setup Registers Tab, select ETH1 Enable Webserver and change the value to 'Yes' to enable the Webserver, or 'No' to disable it. 

In addition, the ETH1 Webserver Config Access will enable or disable the ability to make configuration changes from the ION Meter Web Page. 

Note: For instructions on connecting to an ION Meter in Advanced Mode, please refer to Page 72 in the ION Setup 3.0 User Guide.
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