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How do I change the IP address of a Momentum M1E that has all ready been saved to flash?

If an IP address has been saved to flash in a M1E processor then all you have to do is open a project or program you have downloaded into the M1E and edit the configuration off-line. Change the IP address settings in the Extension or Ethernet I/O scanner pages and connect to the controller with the old IP. Download and then save new configuration to flash, go off line and power cycle.

If you do not know the currently saved IP address then you can use the BOOT P LT (boot p light) free software on our web site to assign then new IP. Do not power cycle after assigning new IP from Boot P. Edit the program as described above. Go on-line with the new static IP and download. The newly configured IP will take effect as soon as you log off or power cycle. Go to: web site and do a search for boot P.

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