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When I launch the PQDIF Exporter from the Management Console, an 'unhandled exception' error dialog pops up.

This can occur in a Power Monitoring Expert system that has been upgraded to version 7.2.3 or 8.0 from an earlier version. In order to correct this problem, it is necessary to make edits to 'PQDIFExporterConfig.xml' and 'PQDIFExporterConfig.xsd' located in the \config\exporters\PQDIF\config directory. The required changes are indicated below in bold.


 <!-- DatabaseConnection
  - SQLServer   - the SQL Server instance hosting the ION databases
  - DataDB      - The database containing the data samples to export
  - Network DB  - The database containing information about the ION network
  - SystemLogDB - The database containing  the log of ION system messages
  - User       - SQL Server user ID to sign on with
  - Password    - password for the above user ID
  - Timeout     -  the limit in seconds before a timeout will occur when connecting to the database ( must be > 0 )
  - CommandTimeout -  the limit in seconds before a timeout will occur when performing a query on the database ( must be >0 ) 
  - UseWindowsAuthentication - boolean, if it's true the connection ignores username and passowrd, using 'Integrated Security=SSPI' -->


<xs:element name="DatabaseConnection">
                        <xs:attribute name="SQLServer" form="unqualified" type="xs:string" />
                        <xs:attribute name="DataDB" form="unqualified" type="xs:string" />
                        <xs:attribute name="NetworkDB" form="unqualified" type="xs:string" />
                        <xs:attribute name="SystemLogDB" form="unqualified" type="xs:string" />
                        <xs:attribute name="User" form="unqualified" type="xs:string" />
                        <xs:attribute name="Password" form="unqualified" type="xs:string" />
                        <xs:attribute name="Timeout" form="unqualified" type="xs:positiveInteger" />
                        <xs:attribute name="CommandTimeout" form="unqualified" type="xs:positiveInteger" />
                        <xs:attribute name="UseWindowsAuthentication" form="unqualified" type="xs:boolean" />
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