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What is the Maximum number of devices that can be daisy chained for communication via Ethernet port of PM5500 Series?

PM5500 Series meters which included PM5560 and PM5563, have two Ethernet ports on the same product which allow users to daisy chain a group of meters in a single network with less wire and communication equipment such as hubs or switches. Instead of having one switch per meter / panel, only one is needed for the entire daisy chain.

What is the limitation of the number of devices that can be daisy chained via the Ethernet port for Ethernet communication?
Product Line:
PM5000, PM5500, PM5560, PM5563
Ethernet Communications
For daisy chaining of meters via Serial port RS-485 communications, the maximum number of devices that can be connected is 32. Users require the same information for Daisy Chaining via Ethernet Port.
The Ethernet connections are not really daisy chained. Each meter has a unique IP address, so depending on the network supporting the devices, the number could be extremely large (hundreds, thousands, etc). It is similar to asking how many computers can be on a network. In essence, the network is the limiting factor.
Note: The Ethernet standard for length of a single Ethernet run is 100 meters. 
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