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How to perform a master reset on the COM'X 200 / COM'X 510

A user may not know how to reset the COM'X 200 or COM'X 510 to its default factory settings.

Product Line:
COM'X 200, EBX200
COM'X 510

Master reset on the COM'X 200 and COM'X 510

There may be a need to reset a COM'X to the default factory settings.

1. Turn off the COM'X by disconnecting control power.
2. Restore control power to the COM'X then simultaneously press buttons (7) and (8) for at least 10 seconds until the power LED flashes.
3. The COM'X will then boot up with factory settings.

Warning: Disconnect the COM'X from all ethernet networks before resetting factory settings. Failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage.

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