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How to determine the Date of Manufacture for PM800 Series Meters

A user may need to determine the manufacture date of a PM800 series meter

Product Line:
PM800 series meters

Manufacturing Information

The date of manufacture is required by the RMA procedure

There are three ways to determine the Date Of Manufacture (DOM) of a PM800 series meter.

1. From the front display of the meter, Select "Diagnostic -> Meter Information -> DOM"

2. You can read the "DOM" registers from the meter:

There are three registers in the meter contain the DOM information starting 3019. You can use Modbus tester or any Modbus register reading tool to read three registers (3019, 3020, and 3021).

Please use the following template for interpretation:
Register 3019:Hi Byte = Month (1 - 12) ; Register 0:Lo Byte = Day (1 - 31)
Register 3020 :Hi Byte = Year (0 - 199)   ; Register 1:Lo Byte = Hour (0 - 23)
Register 3021 :Hi Byte = Minute (0 - 59) ; Register 2:Lo Byte = Second (0 - 59)

******************NEVER OPEN AN ENERGIZED METER PANEL************************************************************************

3. There is a product information sticker on the side of the meter body that contains the serial number and date of manufacture for the meter.


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