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PME 7.2.X, PME 8.X License occasionally shows error "this software is not licensed" when starting Management Console

PME License shows up as expired even after activating

The licenses show up fine in the Floating License Manager (FLM) but there is a “this software is not licensed” error when starting Management Console. The Management Console About box also shows no licensed modules. Restarting the lmadminSchneider service fixes the issue but only temporarily.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert (PME 7.2.x)
Power Monitoring Expert (PME 8.x)

Vendor Daemon Restarts

The Enterprise License Server port in the License Manager (LM) may not be the port being used by the FlexNet Publisher (FNP) service. Any mismatches in FlexNet publisher will cause PME to behave like there are no activated licenses in the FLM


WorkAround 1:
Verify Enterprise License Server port in the License Manager (LM) matches the port being used by the FlexNet Publisher (FNP) service:

1- Open the License Manager and select Options >> Enterprise License Server
         -What is the Host Name / IP Address and the Server Port?

Figure 1-1 License Server Manager

Note: The Host Name / IP Address in License Manager, Figure 1-1. needs to be

2- In IE browse to http://localhost:8090 and login on the "Administration" tab: (Credentials: admin,admin) 
         -What is the "License Server Manager Port in Use"?

Figure 1-2 Flexnet License Admiinistrator

The server ports in Figure 1-1 and Figure 1-2 must match. 

To correct a discrepancy, the port number has to be bumped up by 1 on either the LM or the FNP. (For example if one is 27000 and the other is 27001, then make both 27001.) The acceptable port range is 27000 to 27009. This can happen if other installed software exists which also uses the FlexNet licensing component.
  • To update the port in the LM, click the Options >> Enterprise License Server… menu item and update the Server Port in the popup.
  • To update the port in the FNP, click the Server Configuration tab and under the License Server Configuration heading, change the License Server Configuration Port. Click the Save button.
           Figure 1-3 Flexnet License Administrator Server Configuration

Work Around 2:
If WorkAround 1 has been verified, the following workaround can stop this from happening:
1- In Notepad, open the file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\Power Monitoring Expert\Floating License Manager\FLEXnet Publisher License Server Manager\conf\server.xml"
2- Search for the restartRetries parameter, set it to 10 (restartRetries="10") and save the file.
3- Restart both the Flexnet Licensing and the lmadminSchneider services. 
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