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ION setup Revision history and fixes

Release Date Version File Name Bug Fixes New Features
7/26/2013 ION 3.0 Build 13207.02 IONSETUP30_B13207_02.EXE
- Momentum PLC bug fix for data log configuration issue
- Corruption of DEVINFO.DAT file for certain device types when saved
- PM5560 Input Metering configuration issues resolved
- Momentum PLC configuration report
- PM8K Input Metering Prototype (not fully functional yet)
11/13/2013 ION 3.0 Build 13200.03 IONSETUP30_B13200_03.EXE
- Momentum PLC TOC table incorrectly being configured
- CM4xxxx Meter Configuration report hanging due to addition of Alarm Log configuration
- Fixed crashing when viewing waveforms for ION devices with more than 20 waveform modules (PM8K)
- Prototype of an Advanced Security Password Updater (mass update for password of Super-users)
- PM8K Incremental/Conditional Energy + Security Configuration Profiles.
-PM8K RMD Upgrades
- Changes to Scripting to prevent further processing of requests when unable to communicate
11/14/2013  ION 3.0 Build 13318.02 IONSETUP30_B13318_02.EXE - CM3/CM4 Meter Confguration report hanging on added Min/Max/Avg & Sequence of Event log setups
- MV-90 Master file Bug fixes for new xi 3.0 format
- Bug fix for template saving for PM8K with large number of inputs for new Data Mapping modules
- Device Scan detection for various new MicroLogic Circuit Breakers and new VEGA ULP gateway.
- PM8k Input Metering/ Conditional Energy Setup Assistant for latest framework/ firmware
- Various improvements for Site Comm Testing & Circuit Breaker Status reports
11/22/2013 ION 3.0 Build 13326.01 IONSETUP30_B13326_01.EXE - CM3/CM4 Meter Confguration not displaying correct setup values for additional data log configurations.
- Bug fix for module deletion for PM8K with large number of inputs for new Data Mapping modules.
- Improvements for Device Scan/Comm Testing/Circuit Breaker Status report feature.
- PM8K Conditional Energy/Input Metering setup assistant and displaying of associated values using Normal Mode verification.
- Bug fix for PLC Clock display issue not displaying correct date/time.
 02/06/2014  ION 3.0 Build 14037.02  IONSETUP30_B14037_02.EXE  - Fixed PM6xx Setup screen issues.
- Fixed issue with certain custom setup assistant text being too long.
- Fixed PM8000 Wiring display to reference new HME modules for phase & magnitude instead of Harmonic modules
 - Added setup files for CM2050/CM2150/CM2250.
- Added Flex Channel Assignment for BCPM and support for Veris ASCII representation of the labels
- Increased number of supported sites from present 128 to 256 to allow for large PME systems
- Added support for new PM8000 Custom Display setup wizard
- Modified PM5560 TIme of Use wizard to differentiate between time periods separately from the date range properly
02/21/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14052.02 IONSETUP30_B14052_02.EXE - Fixed issue with stop and hold setup option. - Added FileMode setup options for all PM8/CM data log configurations.
-Enhanced ULP IO Status reporting.
- Working on multi module creation and partial FWN support.
03/18/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14077.03 IONSETUP30_B14077_03.EXE -  Fixes for extended ASCII characters in template pastes.
-  Fixed issues with Modbus Alarm template pasting.
-  Support for new device features for BCPM/EM72XX latest firmware.
04/04/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14094.02 IONSETUP30_B14094_02.EXE -  fixes for E5600 configuration and data log uploads via Modbus
-  Fixed Site scanning and site comm testing issues
-  Fixed M3xxx data log uploads issue
04/17/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14107.01 IONSETUP30_B14107_01.EXE   -  Added new setup files for latest BCPM firmware
-  changes to programming for Advanced ION security hiding entered passwords and reporting of passwords via the Advanced Password updater.
05/09/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14129.01 IONSETUP30_B14129_01.EXE -  Fixes for iEM3/PM3xxx setup issues with latest released firmware. -  Improvements to site comm testing, circuit breaker status reports.
05/21/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14135.02 IONSETUP30_B14135_02.EXE -  fixes for iEM3/PM3xxx release firmware changes affecting all setup screens.
-  fix for EM7xxx energy real-time viewer for UINT64 registers.
05/30/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14150.02 IONSETUP30_B14150_02.EXE -  Fix issues with template pasting for PM/CM devices for data logs/alarms not programming properly.  -  Added trip unit door status for circuit breaker status report.
06/04/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14155.03 IONSETUP30_B14155_03.EXE -  fixes issue with pasting Alarm Log via Template function incorrectly setting the file number instead of the enable/disable setting.  
06/23/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14174.02 IONSETUP30_B14174_02.EXE -  Fixed PM6xx data log setup -  added PM6xx setup reporting
-  active comm port indication
-  EM1220 support.
07/04/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14185.01 IONSETUP30_B14185_01.EXE -  Fixed PM6xx data log configuration issue
-  fix for PM8 billing log interval not being stored in templates.
-  added PM6xx meter config reporting.
-  Preliminary PM8K Optional I/O setup assistant.
07/11/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14192.02 IONSETUP30_B14192_02.EXE -  Fixed issues with PM6 log setup with invalid memory allocation by adding new viewable memory allocation.  
-  Fixed issue with Micrologic incorrectly displaying wrong device type during scan insertion.
-  Fixed issue with ION parsing of event time quality requests.
-  Fixed issue during log upload to retry if Slave Busy response is received from Modbus gateway.
-  Added missing 73xx Ethernet settings to setup assistant. 
07/15/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14196.03 IONSETUP30_B14196_03.EXE -  fixes for MicroLogic breaker device type detection
-  fix for PM5561/PM5563 CT settings when not using 4th CT
-  added support for optional digital input alarms for PM8K.
08/08/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14220.02 IONSETUP30_B14220_02.EXE -  fixes for device scan test, waveform chart guide info update & header resizing
-  fixes for PM5xxx data log upload issue, CM2xxx report saving, ION86xx verification display issue
-  PM8K Setup Assistant changes
-  Changes for Script mode to support multiple file
-  Multiple monitor support
-  Resizable ION module dialogs
-  Support for additional advanced security users
09/10/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14253.01 IONSETUP30_B14253_01.EXE -  Improved Setup Assistant Time Sync functionality
- Security Wizard enhancements for new protocol control registers
-  fixes for charting, added more variable sizing of setup dialogs
-  CM4000T fix for Transient alarm
-  PM8K Option Card Reset pulse moved to new register
09/11/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14254.01 IONSETUP30_B14254_01.EXE -  fix for table event viewers for ION meters not displaying Event Log information properly.  
09/12/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14255.01 IONSETUP30_B14255_01.EXE -  fix for all table log viewers which were having issues showing date/time column due to some changes for upcoming features.  
10/17/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14290.03 IONSETUP30_B14290_03.EXE -  Fixes various event viewer issues
-   various fixes for scripting
-  added new protocol control setup assistant tab for PM8K/8650 if supported, syslog, event reader settings, new security assistant changes
10/31/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14304.02 IONSETUP30_B14304_02.EXE -    Various fixes along with support for new PM8K/8650v2 security changes. -  Brand new installer based on standard =S= software one.
-  Added preliminary support for Modbus/DNP mapping files.
11/14/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14318.01 IONSETUP30_B14318_01.EXE -  fixes for PM8 energy registers displaying incorrectly for large values
-  fixed  issues for Modbus/DNP map file function, support for new PM55xx changes, new IFE model type
-  preliminary support for new EM64xx and ION7400 devices.
11/24/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14328.01 IONSETUP30_B14328_01.EXE   -  Added Conzerv EM64xx, ION7400, 8650V2, PM55xx Phase 2 support
12/11/2014 ION 3.0 Build 14339.01 IONSETUP30_B14339_01.EXE -  fix for incorrect IEEE float32 format for data logs
-  fix for invalid CID value crash
-  changes to PM55xx new advance serial features
-  Change to add additional overflow parameters (WhE & VARhE) to all EM64xx setup files
-  Final changes to allow for script inter-process messaging
-  Changes to PM55xx setup files for new Advanced serial settings
-  Change to Test Reset action to more appropriate dialog title and shorter timeout
-  Installer changes to better detect OS and bootstrapper warnings


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