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KWH Value in Information Manager is higher for the virtual circuit node then the physical devices.

Goals and Symptoms

When running a report in information manager for the virtual circuit node the KWH value is higher than running the same report with the physical devices together.

Causes and Fixes

This happens when there is not a KW rating set for the physical device.

1. In the SMS Setup Utility open system to configure.
2. Go to Setup> Device\Routing, select a meter that pertains to a virtual circuit node, and click Ratings

  • 3. Select the Rated KW from the available box and move the quantity to the selected box. It will then ask for an input value to put in. Put in 1 if 100% of that value is going to be taken into account. Click update and close

    The reports on data that was collected from this day on will have the fix. However, reports ran on data that is before this time might show discrepancies on the KWH value.
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