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Webreach Historical Data gives Pegquery error (80040c8e)

Vista querys work but the same query in Webreach returns:
Webreach error:

"Pegquery error (80040c8e)"

"ActiveX component cannot create object"
"/ion/historical/getlogs.asp line 51"
This is often due to Vista inheritance issues. To fix:

1) Open Vista
2) Navigate to the Top level window (all the Vista diagrams are linked to each other with Parent-Child relationships)
3) Open the Toolbox and right click on the background
4) Under the Query Server tab select Edit Link> Choose Query1 (or any custom query server)
5) Click OK and save this

After completing the above simple procedure, webreach historical data for this query should work.

  • Last Revised: 03 Nov 2008

    Applies To: ION Enterprise Webreach - all versions of ION Enterprise.

    Original Author: CB


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